Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Psalm of James Polamz King

James Polamz King
Image (c) James Polamz King 2017 

 1. Here is a Psalm of James, son of Polamz, son of the Great King Yaz, the Crowned Prince of Venus.

2. My eyebrows tilt as I look up to the Father of lights in whom there is no shadow of turning. Blessed is the God Most High, who is mighty in wisdom and windy in knowledge.

3. His countenance is an assonance of countless suns and stars combined together and even far much more exceeded. He rules from the lofty height of Mount Zion in the northern clouds. His spectre is made of righteousness and holiness.

4. Praise the LORD with me for His love is inexplicably outstanding--yet to us, it's stupid. Praise the LORD folks and let us extol this supernatural, unnatural Being who dwells beyond the preternatural stelliferous blues. The only One who is both sempiternal and eternal!

5. Before eternity He was. In uniform plurality, He rules! In total solidarity, He leads! Indeed, who can question His deeds? His ways are undetectable, His angels innumerable, His mercy indubitable, His perseverance indomitable, His plans irrevocable.

6. Please stop what you are doing and worship the One who: erected the foundation of the universe; pinned the four corners of the earth in nothingness; defined the boundaries of the waters; moulded the mountains on lofty heights; carved out the hills in complex patterns.

7. Who else placed the sun to govern the day and the moon the night? Who else created man in His own image and instructed him to dominate and subdue in righteousness? Who else subsists the stars and the heavenly bodies? Who else stabilizes the universe in His palm?

8. Indeed, there is none like the LORD our God. The Captain of the terrible heavenly hosts. The only one who has immorality. The maker and subsister of all. All good and perfect gifts come from Him.

9. Let the kings of this earth praise Him. Let the weak exalt Him. Let the rich bless his name, and the poor rejoice in Him; for He is LORD and above all.

10. Before time He was. Within time He is. After time He will be. Let Him that think He delays know that time is nothing to Him, He created time for feeble mortals, here today and gone tomorrow. In godly sorrow, let him that do evil repent and praise the LORD our God.

11. Blessed the LORD our God, who has blessed us with every heavenly blessing in His only Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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